Ready to cultivate healthy relationships with yourself and others?

Hi! I’m Samantha Heuwagen, a sex, marriage & family therapist, best selling author, and activist. When I’m not working with clients, I promote and engage in the discussion surrounding mental health and healthy relationships through social media, lectures, workshops, and writing. Featured on The Huffington Post, NBC News, Bustle, and more, my goal is to spread awareness by challenging the popular discourse concerning mental health, healthy relationships, and sex.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy encompasses a lot of different aspects to help explore issues relating to healthy relationships, sexual distress, sex education, and exploration of kink—to name a few. While working with a sex therapist, we’ll work together to discover the underlining problem(s) that could be hiding the real issue.

Please keep in mind that sex therapy is my area of specialty. I also offer individual and couples therapy outside the realm of sex and sexuality. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

How We’ll Work Together

With frank discussion about difficult topics without judgement, together doing talk therapy, we can create the life you want. I truly believe you can have a happy, healthy, consent-filled sex life. We’ll explore your past relational history through a sexual genogram (like an “in-depth family tree”) and sexual timeline. We’ll take these tools that we’ve created and define what it means to be a sexual human being in and out of healthy relationships. To learn more, visit here.

As a way to get started before we meet, if you’re struggling with connecting sexually and sensually with your partner(s), I’ve made an easy to follow FREE checklist to add ideas to your erotic toolbox. Get it here!

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