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Therapy with Samantha

What can you expect when working with me as a sex and marriage & family therapist? You get the tools you’ve been looking for to navigate healthy relationships with yourself and others.

I follow the work of Virginia Satir, but bring my sense of humor and zest for life into the therapy room with me. I deal with various issues in an open, honest, and educational way through a systemic approach meaning I look at a variety of factors and influences unique to a client’s life. This helps me create a boarder sense of what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Whether it’s working  individually, as a couple, or family, we establish goals together to make your dreams come true.
I’d like to think my clients and I have a good time in therapy, but when it’s time to face life’s challenges, we work hard together and tackle difficult issues as a team.

I’m also bilingual with fluency in both English and Spanish. I’m lucky to work with different people in two languages––it enriches my practice in many ways. I love working with multicultural clients from around the world!

I’m also extremely passionate about self-care and healthy relationships, which means taking time for you, and perhaps, your partner! Struggling with self-care? I’ve made an easy to follow FREE checklist to add ideas to your self-care toolbox and cultivate a happy, healthy, consent-filled sex life. Get it here!

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here. To learn more about my specialization in sex therapy, visit here.

GA License # MFT001641