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Blog Tour 2018

Between the Lines Editorial asks Samantha the hard hitting questions about writing and being apart of the writing community in this deeply personal interview. 

Writing Fun hosts Dawn Among The Stars and Samantha in this hilarious and spoiler filled interview!

Samantha talks with Kayla Cox about Mental Health and its impact on science fiction. 

“I can’t be an activist without being a therapist. I can’t be a writer without being an activist and a therapist. I can’t be the best therapist I can be without being an activist or a writer.” Excerpt from Emily Colin’s interview. 

“I’ve known Samantha for a while now, and she’s pretty spectacular. Add the fact that she’s going to be taking the Sci-Fi world by storm with all of the beautiful ways she weaves in humanitarian themes in her writing, and you’ve GOT to read this book. I was lucky enough to get an ARC, and it’s pretty dang impressive so far…” R.K Brainerd

“The true variety of characters and diversity in the book both in terms of characters, point of views, experiences and problems, is sure to built appeal to an equal variety of audiences. In my opinion, Samantha has written a book that is intriguing and exciting, and takes the reader on a journey. For me, it really had me thinking about my own reactions, how I would handle myself in any of these situations, and how human kind is truly special.” Mai Vabo, Bookish Moments

Dawn Among the Stars is an opportunity to showcase mental health and change the narrative around individuals who push through every day. I wanted to focus on those fighting the good fight, reaching a place of health.”

Daring Debuts features a fun conversation about Dawn and Samantha’s view on how to get through all the trials and tribulations writing has to offer.

Readers Entertainment Radio presents, Samantha Heuwagen, as we talk Dawn Among the Stars and Mental Health.

Another appearance on Get the Knaak podcast (S2e7) Listen as we discuss Dawn Among the Stars, gender politics and identity, the patriarchy, mental health and how therapy changes the conversation about mental illness.

“Dawn Among the Stars is a love story, but not in the traditional sense. It’s a love story about wellness and doing what is right to keep a strong sense of peace while battling mental health and aliens.” Excerpt from Samantha’s time writing for Ms. Kathrine Bacher’s blog as a guest contributor.

The query process when trying to publish a book is hard, but Ms. Heuwagen talks openly about her experience and what she did to get the coveted YES!

Author Interview with Carolyn M. Walker about the characters Dawn Among the Stars and the writing process behind the magic.

Book Blogger, Kayla Cox from, talks about mental health, Dawn Among the Stars, with a lively discussion about feminism and healthy relationships with Ms. Heuwagen. Ms. Cox added Dawn Among the Stars to her must read 2018 list. 

Author Leah C. Davis invited Ms. Heuwagen to talk about Dawn Among the Stars and her process as an author.

Special Guest on @GetTheKnaak podcast (S2e1) talking about feminism, Dawn Among the Stars, and science fiction. Find it on Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Blog Tour 2019

The Writer’s Nook Podcast: a discussion with Samantha, Hannah, and Leah about mental health in writing and beyond. Available wherever you listen to Podcasts.

Samantha sits down with sexologist, Lexi Sylver, to talk mental health, sex, and how we can support sexual assault survivors. They also discuss Fading Starlight and its impact on the mental heath.

Want to know more about the writing process? Read this in depth interview exploring the creation of Fading Starlight.

Samantha sits down with JT from A Scribe’s Scribbles as they discuss the writing process, mental health, and how her therapy has impacted Fading Starlight. Available wherever you get your podcasts. You can also catch a wonderful blog post about the interview here.

A lovely review and praise by Life of a Bibliophile.

Rachel from, The Life of a Female Bibliophile, asks Samantha all the hard questions surrounding mental health awareness and The Starless Series.

“As a therapist, I work with survivors all the time and I wanted to offer my thoughts on what happens to a system (i.e. family, friends, community) after such a life altering event. Fading Starlight examines what happens when misunderstandings and mistrust explode during an already stressful time and how people can come together to support and love one another.” Read more here.

“Samantha did it again and made me fall in love with the characters all over again. The romance was well done and I love how her experience as a therapist and mental health worker shines through, bringing up topics surrounding mental health, trauma and sexual assault…” Continue reading.

“For me it’s all about the message in the series, which is mental health awareness and healthy relationships. Do I piss off readers? Yes. Do I feel bad about it? No because we’ve both gotten to a place where we trust each other enough to see the bigger picture. I’m very lucky to have my readers trust my ability to tell a story without jeopardizing the bigger message behind it.” Continue Reading.

Blog Tour 2020

“When writing about mental health, wellness, and healing, you need to take care in how you portray the topics. This isn’t to say you can’t or shouldn’t write about these topics, just that you want to avoid adding to existing stigma. Mental health and illness are still taboo topics even in 2020.” Continue reading

WGS Alumni Spotlight from the University of South Florida. A look into how the Master’s program of Women and Gender Studies set Ms. Heuwagen up for success.

“Being the Sci-Fi fan that I am really enjoying the life in space aspect of the plot. It was really cool to see how Heuwagen developed the culture of the La’mursians and how they interact with humans and other plants. Some of the issues that arise in this mirrors topics in today’s society. It was nice to see that expanded upon and give the book a realistic feel.” Continue reading.

Featured on SHOUTOUT ATLANTA: “As a therapist, I believe it is my responsibility to be a social justice warrior in order to help my clients understand the world around them and their place in it. By exploring intersectionality and positionality, we can better understand who we are and our role(s) in society––perhaps break open limitations and help create change around us.” Continue reading.

Blog Tour 2021

“As you may know, the Starless Series is a tale of alien encounters, mental health awareness and sexual…tension, let’s call it. The Atlanta based family and sex therapist is also an award winning author of the best selling Starless Series. Recently, the series has gone through a bit of an update.” Continue reading.

“The last book was very climatic as we reach the peak of war and it ended end in a way that readers will be satisfied. I love the world-building in this series and how it takes us to new places, but also places a heavy emphasis on the character’s relationships. It’s so immersive and each book has been even more exciting than the last one. I’m sad to see this series end since I grew so attached to it so much but I’m so glad I got to enjoy it. It was a thrilling ride with lots of memorable characters and I appreciated the expanded narrative surrounding mental health…” Continue reading