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Dawn Among the Stars: Latinas Battling Mental Health and Aliens

Dawn Among the Stars: Latinas Battling Mental Health and Aliens

As a therapist, I knew whenever I got the chance to write a fictional story, I needed to include realistic depictions of mental health. Dawn Among the Stars is my opportunity to showcase mental health and change the narrative around individuals who face their fears and come out better on the other side, finally reaching a place of health.

The main protagonist, Kayin Aves, a twenty-something Latina, strives to make the world a better place. Her primary focus is to keep Earth’s rights in the hands of humans at all costs. However, she meets resistance when the Shielders, a potential Earth ally, push for control of Earth’s governments and resources. Through it all, her panic attacks threaten to derail her everyday life.

Though society tries to say otherwise, people are not weak because they’re depressed, have anxiety, or suffer PTSD. They struggle to do menial daily tasks while a giant cloud follows them. With The Starless Series, I wanted to showcase a character that could handle mental health issues and still be a hero that can save the day.

With my experience as a feminist and a mental health practitioner, I created a character that could stand on her own and yet still deals with anxiety that plagues her throughout the novel. One of my goals with writing, Dawn Among the Stars, has always been to depict mental health issues as realistically as possible–– to open the door to a more realistic view of mental health. I want readers to connect with the different aspects of Kayin’s struggle and offer them a positive role model instead of the tired, old stereotypes we see in books and movies every day.

You can find me writing and doing therapy in Atlanta, GA. If you’re interested in my services as a mental health provider please do not hesitate to contact me.  Dawn Among the Stars out now everywhere books are sold.