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Dreams Do Come True

5 years ago when I started pursuing authorship seriously, there were certainly more than a few obstacles to overcome. But here I am, still standing, and giggling to myself at one of my favorite memories that would change my life forever…

Having never shared my creative writing with anyone outside of one or two friends, I had no idea if it was even worth trying to bring @TheStarlessUniverse to life. I cringe when I think of those early drafts because I wrote like an academic, cold and unfeeling.

When I got serious about the series, I sent it to a random—and I mean random! I had no idea who this person was—Beta Reader. The thought was we would swap work and fairly critique. I couldn’t tell you what they wrote, but I’ll never forget how they ripped my work to shreds. Going as far as to say I should give up creative writing and stick to research.


Broken-hearted and confused, I posted on a writers FB group about the incident asking about beta readers and editing. In walked @BTLeditorial, who graciously offered insight and a chance to grow into the writer I am today.

Remembering how far I’ve come keeps me grounded because it’s easy to hide behind embarrassments and to keep those memories to ourselves. I’m proud of how they shaped me. It’s given me a lifelong friend and the tools to write authentically and from the heart—no longer the cold and unfeeling words plastered on a blank page.

This weekend another dream comes true: I’m a panelist and moderator at @DragonCon—me! I can’t believe it and I’m honored.