In the Wake of Stars


The final stand for Earth begins.

After the failure at the Galactic Court, Kayin and her friends are taking matters into their own hands and heading back to Earth. Even though she’s dreamed of her return home for months, Kayin struggles to hide her growing anxiety about the end of the war and her relationship with Prince Naluba. Just when things finally begin to align, a dark secret threatens to unravel everything she’s worked toward.

Melissa has been through a lot during the Temorshian occupation of Earth. From escaping the ruins of Detroit to finding some peace on Mackinac Island with fellow survivors, the last few months have helped her discover who she is and what she stands for. As the end of the war draws near, Melissa realizes it’s time to start thinking about the future and what her new role will be.

As secrets are revealed and the truth comes to light, it’s time for Kayin and Melissa to reclaim Earth and forge a new path for the future of the Galaxy and themselves.

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