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Making Dates a Priority

Lots of the clients I work with talk about a lack of date night ideas or opportunities to take time together. And best believe, it can be a pain trying to come up with a date idea. So, here are some things to consider to make date night/day a priority:

🌟Mark the calendar—seriously, pick a day, make it work, and stay consistent as much as possible.
🌟Try something new—begin taking note of all the things you’ve wanted to try together. Plan ahead and make it happen. With that said…
🌟Take all the ideas, add them to a bowl, a cup, a box, whatever and every week, pull out an idea and stick to it. Make sure it’s even, don’t forget to include your partner(s)’s ideas as well!
🌟There are many date idea books and such if you get stuck. Try one out to explore each other 🖤

What do you think? How will you prioritize time alone with your partner(s)?

This picture was taken on our own date day adventures where we tried mini gulf for the first time in years together. It was so much fun! Will try again!