Mentorship & Case Consultations

Ready to elevate your practice and therapeutic approach?

Whether you’re a therapist in training or licensed professional, I offer mentorship opportunities and case consultations to help you strengthen your practice, help your clients, and grow your brand. We’ll work together to discover how to best support your clients and bring out our unique abelites to offer effective therapy.

Building a thriving private practice can be daunting and a challenge. As we call upon your strengths as a clinician, we’ll work together to grow your practice by learning social media strategies, fine tune your mission statement, and clarify your unique vision for helping clients. After all, clients are coming to see you and should know what healing you can offer before they step into your office.

We’ll also talk about your theory of therapy and how it helps guide you through the therapeutic process. What interventions are you comfortable with and how do they show up in the room? Understanding the rules not only keeps our clients safe, but helps us strengthen our ability to do ethical and effective therapy.

Please note, this does not count as supervision or hours toward supervision. This service is about building your business and exploring who you are as a clinician.

If you are interested in working with me, please email inquiries to Info[at]SamanthaHeuwagen[dot]com