Stardust Emerging

The third installment of The Starless Series

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Three humans entered a galactic war with no training or preparation. Now, none of them will ever be the same. After all, some wounds leave scars that will never heal.

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Kayin has finally made it to the Galactic Court to plead Earth’s case in the fight against the Temorshians. Though her La’Mursian allies have been teaching her about galactic politics, Kayin’s not ready to admit that she may be in way over her head. As her feelings for the Prince of Selucia grow, so do Kayin’s doubts that she’s doing the right thing for her planet. 

Though Henry and Beenishia are still missing, Melissa and the other survivors have made it to Mackinac Island.  Over the last few months, the community has grown, and while they feel safe in their isolation, they all know they’re running out of time. A Temorshian attack is inevitable. Their only chance at survival is making contact with Selucia.

Will these three Humans find a way to survive the next phase of the war, or will Earth be lost forever?

“There simply aren’t words to describe the story high I experienced from this! It was well written from the start. The scenery and events were wonderfully described and the character arcs had me at their mercy. The bond you had from the previous two books continues to build to where I felt like I wanted to fight for them as well. It’s the right amount of buildup to the fourth installment of the series.” Christopher Czerkis, Amazon Review 

Author Samantha Heuwagen deftly combines alien-invasion space opera with intense psychological drama. Strong, capable women drive The Starless Series. Heuwagen’s background as a psychotherapist allows her to write accurate—if heart-wrenching—descriptions of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety/panic attacks, and sexual assault. —Suanne Schafer, author of Hunting the Devil