Therapy, Sex, Relationships

What Does it Mean to be Vulnerable?

Some might think vulnerability is tied to sex, and it can be, but really it’s connected with a deep need to be seen by our partners and understood. 

And I don’t mean just physically. 

There’s this inner child that lives in all of us, who wants to be held, cherished, and loved. Viewed for who we are on the inside and honored for the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Sometimes we learn that who we are is not enough, so we bury it deep down inside. As adults we carry this shame until one day it’s too heavy to carry alone. 

If we’re lucky, we find partners that can help us peel back the years of shame and rediscover that inner child. Bring them out into the open and bask in the light that is our beautiful authenticity. 

That is true vulnerability. 

Perhaps it’s not always with a partner but a trusted mental health provider or friend. Regardless, it opens a whole new world where we can shine as brightly as we want.