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Navigating Portrayals of Mental Health in Publishing Webinar (FREE)

Brought to you by Hannah Bauman from Between the Lines Editorial and Samantha.

Representing trauma and mental health challenges in fiction is paramount to breaking stereotypes found in popular fiction. After all, our literature should represent reality.

As the conversation around mental health continues to grow, it’s important to examine how you (and others) are portraying trauma and mental illness in writing and entertainment.

Join Hannah Bauman, editor and writing coach, and Samantha Heuwagen, licensed therapist and bestselling author, to learn how to handle these topics with both honesty and care. In this webinar recording, they discuss:

  • How to research mental illness symptoms and treatments
  • How to write in trauma and mental health challenges without resorting to simple plot devices, thereby creating a more colorful and richer experience for your readers
  • Good and bad examples of portrayals of mental health and trauma in fiction so you can avoid common pitfalls in your own work
  • The use of sensitivity readers, beta readers, and critique partners
  • Your decision to include (or not) a content warning, trigger warning, or dear reader letter to help prepare your readers for potentially triggering content

This is a pre-recorded presentation that is FREE for you to download now!

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This presentation includes mentions of depression, suicide, anxiety, and sexual assault. It is discussed in a safe environment with a licensed professional, but this in no way takes the place of actual therapy. If you are struggling with your own mental health, please seek help from a licensed health professional.

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